Want to get started with Vidya? 

Follow these steps-  

Step 1- 


            There is two type of installation we provided.

            1-  Manual Installation

            2-  Auto Installation

Step 2- 

            After the Installation Process now you have to do Database Attachment.

            1-  Go to your last drive ( Optional ) and create a folder name VKSOFT. 

            2-  Copy the Database folder from CD ( Steup CD).

            3-  Paste the database folder in VKSOFT folder.

            4-  Go to folder Properties then select Security option. change the folder access authority to Everyone.

            5-  Create a folder named Backup.

            6-  Create another folder named Setup and copy the setup file from the CD.

            7-  Open Database Tools and select database and click on Add button. you can add 2 or more databases.

             (Know more about Database Attachment & Configuration- Click Here)

Step 3- 

           Server Settings

           1- When you open Vidya (Software) a window will appear for Server Setting. If you are in Network Mode then fill all boxes and click on Save.

            2-  If not then click on Default Setting. 

           Note- To know more about Server Setting read our article How to use Server Setting Option in Setting Module?

Step 3- 


           1- After Server Setting a window will open with this message-  "Software Not Registered, Do You Want To Register?" Then click on the Yes button.

           2-  A new window will open, where you have to fill your KEY. On the top of this window, your Machine Code will display.

           3-  Send/ Mail this Machin Code At - support@vksoft.co.in.

           Note- Please use your registered Mail Id/ Contact No to contact us.

           4-  The Key will be sent to your registered Mail Id and Mobile No in 24 hr.

Step 4- 

            Log In

            1- Login with our default Id & Password

                Id- admin

                Password- 123456

Step 5- 

           Software Setting

           1-  Select Software Setting option in the Setting module.

           2-  Here you can set the default page for Reports/ Mark Sheet etc, Paths for Backup and Reports Storage and other option.

           3-  Fill all boxes and click on Save button.

           Note- To know more about Software Setting go to How to use Software Setting option in the Setting module?

Step 6- 

           School Setting

           1- Now you have to fill your School Information. Open School Setting option from the Setting module.

           2- Fill all information as- School Name, Branch Type, Medium, Reg./ Affiliation No, Contacts Detail etc.

           3- Click on Save button.

           Note- To know more about School Setting go to How to use School Setting in Setting?  

Step 7- 

           Class Activation

           1-  Select Activation option from the Admin module.

           2-  Select Session, Shift, Class, Stream and Section.

           3-  Click on Save button.

           Note- To know more about Activation go to How to use Activation option in Admin?

Step 8- 

           Class Fee Setting

           1- Select Class Fee option from Admin module.

           2- Set Fee Class wise and click on Save button.

           Note- To know more about Fee Setting go to How to Use Class Fee option in Admin? If you want another Fee Head Mail us at support@vksoft.co.in.

Step 9- 

            Transport Setting ( Optional )

             If you want to set your transport, transport fee go to our Transport Module.


Now you are ready to use VIDYA- The School Management