School Setting- 

This option is used to save School Information & add Header, Footer ( Watermark).


  • Click the Setting menu.
  • Click the School Setting Option. (Open window).
  • Fill all the details of School
    • Branch Type
    • Board
    • Branch Code
    • Reg/ Affiliation No.
    • Name ( Your School Name )
    • Slogan
    • Address
    • Pin code
    • Phone No. etc.
  •  To Add Logo Go to Logo section and click on From File button.
  •  To Add Signature ( Principal Sign---) Click on From File button.
  •  Check Show On Report to show Signature on all types of Reports.
  •  To Add Header click on From File button.
  •  To Add Footer/ Watermark click on From File button.
  •  To show Header/ Footer ( Watermark ) on all types of Reports Check Show On Report.

Watch Full Video On Setting Module