Step 1 - Insert CD and Install WindowsInstaller 3.1 (In Window XP)

Step 2 - Install DotNetFX4.0 (for windows 7 or lower version)

(*After install DotNetFX4.0 please restart computer)

  Note- If your computer already has SQL Express then ignore the step 4.

Step 3 - Install SqlExpress2008

               (For 32 bit "SQLEXPR32_x86_ENU")

               (For 64 bit "SQLEXPR_x64_ENU")


Step 4 - Install Crystal Report_32bit (for 32 bit)

               Install Crystal Report_64bit (for 64 bit)

Step 5 - Install the “VIDYA.msi” file (Path: CD-setup/ VIDYA-Setup/Setup- Win XP,7 or higher/VIDYA.msi).

You can watch video On Complete Installation Process