Follow these Steps to Attach & Configure Database-

Step 1 - Copy "Database Folder" from CD to your Computer Drive

            (Recommended - Use last drive to Store Database Folder)

Step 2 – In your last drive create a folder with name VKSOFT and paste the DATABASE folder in it.

Step 3 – In the same folder VKSOFT, create another folder with the name BACKUP to store the backup of your work.


Step 4 – Set the DATABASE folder's accessibility to "Everyone".


·         Right-click on DATABASE folder and select properties.


·         Click on the security tab.

·         Click on Edit button then click on Add button.


·         Write EVERYONE and click on the Check Name button and then click on OK Button.


·         Click on Allow Full Control Check Box then click on Apply and then click on OK button.

Step 5- VIDYA-The School Management" folder's (Path- C:\Program Files (x86)\VK SOFT) accessibility also needs to be set as "Everyone.

Step 6 - Run Database Tool.exe From Desktop


Step 7 - Click on "Add" and "Select File"

Step 8 - Choose "VIDYACOMM.mdf" from "Database Folder" in your  Computer and click add.


Step 9 - Choose "VIDYA_SESS_2018_19.mdf" or other Sessions from "Database Folder" in your Computer and click add.


            You can also watch video On Database Attachment