Reasons Of Occurring This Error And Their Respective Solutions-

        The database does not attach in VIDYA software-  

            To attach database follow these steps-

                     1- Open Database Tools.

                     2- Check your database is connected or not.

                     3- If no database attached then select (browse) database and add.



        SQLServer Stop-

             If your database attached and you find an error SQL Server Stop then do this-

                     1- Open SQL Server Configuration Manager.

                     2- Double-click on SQL Server Services

                     3- Check that the SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) Automatic mode is in running state or stopped state.

                     4- If the automatic mode is in the stopped state then right click on it and select start option.


        User Change-

                     Check your operating system login.

        Check SQL Express Instance Name-

                     1- Go to Server Setting option in Vidya school management software.

                     2- If here you entered any type of data as User Id or Password, then remove it.