This option is used for modifying Student record, Deleting and checking student's detail report.


  • Go to the Student module and click Student Modify option.
  • Search student by  Category. ☑ shift [General▼], ☑ class [class name▼], ☑ stream [stream▼],  ☑Section, [section name▼]
  • Click Load Records (Then select student record).
  • Click on Detail to view full detail of any student.
  • Click on Edit ( A/C) to edit student Account Detail.
  • Click the Edit button.
  • Edit Student's information then click the Update Button.
  • Click on Delete option to Delete any record.


Note-  Using Delete option in this module you cannot delete data permanently. To Restore or Delete Permanently go to Deletion Report Option In Admin Module.

  • After clicking on Edit button-

Watch Full Video On student Detail Modification