New Entry-

This option is used for New Students record entry.

Notes- Before starting Student Entry please Set Class, Stream, Section, check your Current Session & Shift in Activation option of Admin Module.

   Steps - 

    1- Select New Entry option from Student Module.



    2- Click the New Entry” options.

    3- Fill all the details of a student (*compulsory fields) like-

  • Father's Name*/Guardian's Name
  • Student's Name*
  • Mother's Name
  • DOB
  • Category 
  • Gender                       
  • Religion
  • Blood Group
  • Sub-Category
  • Nationality
  • Mailing Address, City Name with contact number*
  • Permanent Address with contact number*
  • Last School information. (optional)
  • Set Admission Date
  • Click Browse button and upload Students photo.(size-20kb to 40 kb)
  • Fill Student Sr.No. (Manual).
  • If you have taken TC and Birth Certificate then, tick the option TC and Birth Certificate.
  • Select Shift and Class.
  • If you want to set a student class section then tick  ☑  Set Section.
  • If you want to allow student for the fee then, tick  ☑ Set Fee.
  • If you want to take account detail of student then, tick  ☑ the A/C Detail Option
  • If you want to save new student entry also in Hindi then, tick  ☑ the In Hindi Option.  


   [Note:- Before allow student for fee, class fee structure will be set from Admin module >class fee option.]

    4- Click on “Save” Button.

  • If you have ticked  ☑  In Hindi. Following window will open.
    Fill the details in their respective fields and click on “Save”.


  • If you have ticked  ☑  A/C Detail. Following window will open
    Fill the Account details in their respective fields and click on “Save”.

  • If you have ticked  ☑  Set Section. Following window will open.


  • If you have ticked  ☑  Set Fee. Following window will open


After doing all the settings following message will be displayed. Click on OK your record will be saved.


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