Detail - This option is used to generate duplicate fee receipt.

Follow the below mentioned steps to generate duplicate fee receipt -

  • Click on Fee Module.
  • Click on Detail option.

  • Following window opens.

  • Search the Student by Reg No or Sr No.
  • Click on Search button


  • Click on Find button to search student. ( If you don't know Reg No or Sr No).
  • Following window opens.

  • Select ☑ All, ☑ Shift [▼], ☑ Class [▼], ☑ Stream [▼] (only for higher classes), ☑ Section [▼] to filter the records.

  • Select the radio button by which you want to search the student (Student Name, Last Name, Father Name, Address, Mobile No.).
  • Type the respective detail in the field.
  • Using left click of mouse double click the student record.
  • Student deposited fee receipt will be listed in the Receipt List box as follows.

  • Using left click of mouse double click the fee receipt of which you want to print the duplicate copy.
  • Click on View button.
  • Duplicate fee receipt will be generated as follows.

  • Click on Print button to print the duplicate fee receipt.
  • Click on Export button to export the receipt in pdf, excel, etc formats.