Fine Condition - This option is used for Date wise fine condition Setting. After month ends, Fine Condition will apply automatically.

Follow the below mentioned steps to Set Fine Condition - 


  • Click on Admin Module.
  • Select Fine Condition option.
  • Select Fee Day option & set Date From & Date To (Date between which the Fee is taken without any late fine)
  • Set Fee Amount- 0 and select Fee Type- Late Fine.
  • Now Set Fine Condition-
    • Select Cnd2 or others.
    • Set Date From & Date To.
    • Set Fee Amount (Fine Amount).
    • Set Fee Type- Late Fine.
  • Same as the above steps you can set 22 fine conditions.
  • Now select After Complete Previous Month option, and set Fee Amount.
  • Select Fee Type- Late Fine.
  • Now click on Save button to save the Fine Condition settings.