New Entry- This option is used to exam creates & Fill the maximum marks and passing marks of the exam.


    Click the “Exam or Exam CBSE” menu.

    Click the  “Create Exam” options. (Open Window)

    Select Exam Type [Test, Third Monthly, Half Yearly ▼].

    Select “Exam Term” [I, II, III, IV ▼]

    Select “Shift” [General ▼]

    Tick ☑ class, Choose any class [Nur, LKG, UKG▼].

    Tick ☑ “Stream” [Science, Art ▼].

    Tick ☑ “Section” [A, B, C ▼]   

    Then Click “Load Subject” Button.      


    Fill the Maximum marks & Passing marks & Exam Start   Time, To End Time, /Exam Date.

    Click “Add Marks” and then Click “Save” Button.