Manual Atten. - This option is used to save the daily attendance of students.

Follow the below mentioned steps to use manual attendance option -

  • Click  Attendance module.
  • Click on Manual Atten. option.

  • Select Shift [▼], Class [▼], Stream [▼] (only for higher classes) , Section [▼] to search the student.
  • Click on Load Student button.
  • Select Attendance Date [▼].

  • Sort students by -
  • Roll No
  • Reg No
  • Sr. No
  • Name
  • Student record will be listed as follows.

Note - By default all the students will be marked as P in P/ A column which means present.

  • To mark the students as absent simply click on in P / A column, the student will be marked as (absent).
  • If any absent student gives leave application then click on checkbox in ☑ Application column.
  • Mention the leave application subject (reason for leave) in Remark column.

  • Click on Calculate Atten. button to calculate the total attendance of that particular date.
  • Click on Save button to save the attendance.
  • If you want send SMS to absent students then click on Send SMS button.
  • If you want to print attendance report then click on Print button.

Note - For Sending SMS read this article- Send Message to Absent Students

Note - For printing report read this article- Create/ Print Report in Attendance Module