Admit Card-This option is used to Generate admit card of the student.


    Click the “Exam or Exam CBSE” menu.

    Click the “Admit Card” option (open window)

    Select “Shift” [General [▼]

    Tick ☑ class, Choose any class [Nur, LKG, UKG▼].

    Tick ☑ “Stream” [Science, Art ▼].

    Tick ☑ “Section” [A, B, C ▼]   

    Select Exam Code [Unit test\half yearly]

    Click the “View” button. Then ☑ select all Students records.

    [Note:-Select the format which you want to generate the admit card].

     Click the “Generate Admit Card” button.

    [Note: Then print exam wise student admit cards.]