VIDYA has been developed, keeping in mind to manage the records, processes, data management and various features for School, Educational Institute. It is a great tool for managing each and every data and resource. VIDYA is equipped with more the 15+ modules and 125+ great features. VIDYA is a great School management software which includes the following modules for ease of work and school management.


It is our advice that please read the articles carefully to know clear about VIDYA. No doubt if you study this article and take help from this helpdesk, you will be master of this software. These articles help you from Installation, settings to print reports for your data management. This article is helpful to clear out your doubts, misconceptions, workflow and other issues.

Once again thanks for choosing VIDYA-The School Management for your institution. Definitely, it will be a long and healthy relationship between you and VK SOFT Pvt. Ltd.

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